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Gitzo Tripod Spike Feet, 3 Pieces

The Gitzo GT3330LS Series 3 Aluminum Systematic Tripod is lightweight yet strong that makes it a primary choice for professionals.It features Gitzo leg lock system to fix the tripod firmly in positionThis Gitzo G-Lock tripod is easy-to-operate and comes with great precision and controlIt features a removable rubber feet making it ideal to be used on uneven surfacesIt comes with a built-in hook to hang the camera bag or water bagYou can easily replace the rubber feet of the Gitzo GT3330LS Series 3 Aluminum Systematic Tripod with spiked feet or sand shoes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            This tripod features an aluminum disc which has two locking screws where one is used to lock the head and the other to lock the disc with the columnThis portable carbon 6x tripod can be used in weddings, architectural, concerts, and sport eventsThe maximum height is 59.41 in and the minimum height is 4.37 inThough it weighs 6.0 lbs, it comes with a maximum load capacity of 39.68 lbsThe leg angles of this 3-leg tripod are 52°, 77°, 85°
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