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Gary Fong Lightsphere-Universal Cloud Basic Kit

The Lightsphere-Universal Cloud Basic Kit consists of Lightsphere-Universal Cloud, one Amber Dome, one Chrome Dome, one Accessory Universal Mounting Kit, and a Tutorial DVD.With it's patent pending grip system the Lightsphere-Universal attaches to almost any on-camera flash to create a diffused/soft light by lighting up the entire room. The grip is so strong that it can support the entire weight of the camera, drive and flash securely.The Lightsphere-Universal Cloud attaches to your flash to create a diffused, soft, and slightly warm light which is suited for "portrait style" lighting situations, where skin tones and flattering light are the primary focus. The Lightsphere-Universal fits most flashes!Achiever 260Minolta 5200Pentax AF-540 FGZSony HVL-F32XBower 724AFCMinolta 5400Promaster 5750-DXSunpack 2000-DZCanon 299Nikon SB-24Promaster 5900Sunpack 266-DCanon 380EXNikon SB-25Promaster FT-1700Sunpack 355-AFCanon 420EXNikon SB-26Promaster FTD-5200Sunpack 4000-AFCanon 420EZNikon SB-28Promaster FTD-5400Sunpack Auto 383Canon 430EXNikon SB-28DXPromaster FTD-5500Sunpack Auto 411Canon 430EZPromaster FTD-5600Sunpack MZ-440AFCanon 540EZNikon SB-50DXPromaster FTD-6500MSunpack PZ-5000Canon 540EZNikon SB-600Promaster FTD-7500Vivitar 273Canon 580EXNikon SB-800Quantaray 6500AVivitar 2800Canon 580EX MKIIQuantaray PZ1-DSZVivitar 3500Contax TLA 2/3Nikon SB-80DXQuantaray ODC-900Vivitar 5200DigiSlave DFS-1Olympus FL-36Quantaray ODC-900WVivitar 550Metz 36AFOlympus FL-40Quantaray OTB-7500AVivitar 560DMetz 40MZ2Olympus FL-50Quantaray OTB-9500AVivitar 600NMetz 44MZ2Olympus FL-60Sakar 77-TFZVivitar 728-AFMetz 54AF-ICOlympus G-40Sigma 420Vivitar 730-AF-PKMetz 54MZ-4Pentax 330FTZSigma 430Vivitar 840-AFMinolta 3500XIPentax AF-500 FTZSoligor MZ-340AFVivitar DF-200Includes:Lightsphere-Universal CloudTranslucent Inverted DomesAmberDomeChromeDomeUniversal Mounting Kit
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