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Gary Fong Lightsphere-Universal Cloud

With it's patent pending grip system the Lightsphere Clear-II attaches to almost any on-camera flash to create a diffused, soft, and slightly warm light which is suited for"portrait style" lighting situations, where skin tones and flatteringlight are the primary focus.The diffuser is made of flexible, clear vinyl that easily fits into your camera bag. The inside of the Lightsphere is completely textured to give the light dispersion its soft quality. The Lightsphere-Universal fits most flashes!Achiever 260Minolta 5200Pentax AF-540 FGZSony HVL-F32XBower 724AFCMinolta 5400Promaster 5750-DXSunpack 2000-DZCanon 299Nikon SB-24Promaster 5900Sunpack 266-DCanon 380EXNikon SB-25Promaster FT-1700Sunpack 355-AFCanon 420EXNikon SB-26Promaster FTD-5200Sunpack 4000-AFCanon 420EZNikon SB-28Promaster FTD-5400Sunpack Auto 383Canon 430EXNikon SB-28DXPromaster FTD-5500Sunpack Auto 411Canon 430EZPromaster FTD-5600Sunpack MZ-440AFCanon 540EZNikon SB-50DXPromaster FTD-6500MSunpack PZ-5000Canon 540EZNikon SB-600Promaster FTD-7500Vivitar 273Canon 580EXNikon SB-800Quantaray 6500AVivitar 2800Canon 580EX MKIIQuantaray PZ1-DSZVivitar 3500Contax TLA 2/3Nikon SB-80DXQuantaray ODC-900Vivitar 5200DigiSlave DFS-1Olympus FL-36Quantaray ODC-900WVivitar 550Metz 36AFOlympus FL-40Quantaray OTB-7500AVivitar 560DMetz 40MZ2Olympus FL-50Quantaray OTB-9500AVivitar 600NMetz 44MZ2Olympus FL-60Sakar 77-TFZVivitar 728-AFMetz 54AF-ICOlympus G-40Sigma 420Vivitar 730-AF-PKMetz 54MZ-4Pentax 330FTZSigma 430Vivitar 840-AFMinolta 3500XIPentax AF-500 FTZSoligor MZ-340AFVivitar DF-200Includes:Lightsphere-Universal CloudTranslucent Inverted DomeUniversal Mounting Kit
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