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PocketWizard Plus III Transceiver

The PocketWizard Plus III offers the most reliable system to date, ideal for both professional and serious amateur photographers seeking a versatile option for triggering cameras or flash units. The side view design minimizes obstructed views while conveniently positioning all controls for easy access. For additional durability, the precision-tuned antenna is housed inside the case. The Plus III functions and operation are controlled through a soft-touch keypad and displayed on the one inch backlit LCD panel.32 Total Channels and Backward CompatibilityThe PocketWizard Plus III offers 32 channels (16 Standard plus 16 Quad-Zone Triggering channels), to make finding an open channel easy. Ideal for wedding halls, sports arenas or busy studios, users can dial in any channel simply by pushing a button.The Plus III is also backwards compatible with all previous Pocketwizard units, as well as enabled Sekonic light meters and Profoto, Dynalite, Norman and Photogenic flash systems.Quad-Zone TriggeringThe selective Quad-Zone Triggering allows the photographer to wirelessly activate or deactivate remote flashes or cameras in 4 separate A, B, C, or D controllable zones. Quad-Zone Triggering is ideal with multiple light setups or for controlling remote cameras, turning them on and off as needed. The Plus III Transceiver is also compatible with the MultiMAX, which share the 32 channel and four zone capability.Auto-Sensing Transceiver OptionWhen set in TxRx mode, PocketWizard ‘s patented Auto-Sensing Transceiver Technology will instantly switch between transmitter and receiver modes as needed for greater flexibility when shooting. When needed, the Plus III can be set strictly as a transmitter or receiver. Remote Camera TriggeringThe Plus III Transceiver is ideal for remote camera triggering.  The two-stage TEST button responds like the camera shutter release button would. Press it halfway and your remote camera awakens to meter and focus, then press the TEST button all the way to capture the image. After capture, the remote camera will return to sleep mode to save battery power.When properly equipped with ACC Pre-Trigger cables and a Plus III, MultiMAX or Flex TT5 in receiver mode, both a hand held and remote cameras can be triggered. Simply press the hand held shutter release half way and both cameras will meter and focus. Press the shutter release fully on the hand held camera, and both will capture an image.Auto-Relay Mode and Long Range CapabilityThe Auto-Sensing Transceiver technology of the Plus III allows relay triggering of a remote camera in sync with remote flashes. The configuration consists of three PocketWizard untis - one connected to the main camera, a second Plus III cabled to a remote camera, and the third connected to a remote flash.The automatic sequence activates by pressing the TEST button of the main PocketWizard Transmitter. The second one will receive and trigger the camera's motor drive. The second unit then switches to transmit mode to trigger the third unit and fire the remote flash. The Plus III Transceiver is designed to work up to 1600 feet under ideal conditions. For more challenging scenarios, two range extending modes are built in. Long Range (LR)  Mode nearly doubles the effective triggering distance, ideal for most venues with some obstructions. Even longer ranges can be accomplished by setting a second Plus III in Repeater Mode (RP), which repeats the original signal on to the receiver. Repeater Mode is ideal for larger venues and more challenging situations. Both modes do affect the maximum X-sync, which may be reduced when firing remote flashes in LR or RP modesHigh Speed Receive ModeWhile the PocketWizard standard is 12 frames per second, the Plus III features a High Speed Receive Mode (HSR), which triggers at rates up to 14.5 frames per second. This mode is ideal for compatible flash units that allow high frame rate capture.
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