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Eizo ColorEdge CG275W-BK 27" Monitor with Shading Hood

Built-In Calibration SensorLocated inside the monitor’s bottom bezel, the sensor swings up onto the screen when calibration begins. This sensor eliminates the need for a third-party calibration device and even operates in portrait mode.Self-Calibrating MonitorSet through the OSD menu or the bundled ColorNavigator software, the ColorEdge CG275W-BK can be scheduled to self-calibrate at specific times. Even if the monitor is switched off or not even connected to a computer, it will stick to its preset schedule and self-calibrate.OS-Independent CalibrationSince the PC itself is not necessary for self-calibration, the ability to calibrate the monitor is not dependent on using an operating system supported by the ColorNavigator software.Interconnects with Other SensorsThe ColorEdge CG275W-BK can be interconnected to the measurement results of an external calibration sensor. This is convenient when the ColorEdge CG275W-BK is used in a work environment with other ColorEdge monitors and one measurement device must be used as a standard for all calibrating.Simple and Precise Calibration with ColorNavigatorThe bundled ColorNavigator software makes calibration simple and quick. Just input target values for brightness, white point, and gamma. The built-in sensor directly utilizes the monitor's look-up table and creates an ICC profile within minutes. In order to stay up to date, the latest version of ColorNavigator is available as a free download from Eizo.Wide Area, High Resolution ScreenThe ColorEdge CG275W-BK features a 2560 × 1440 native resolution across its 27-inch screen. The resolution is more than double the pixels of a 19-inch monitor with 1280 × 1024 resolution and 60% more than a monitor with  1920 × 1200 resolution. The 27’ screen provides plenty of room to spread out your windows and palettes.Wide Color GamutThe ColorEdge CG275W-BK reproduces 97% of the Adobe RGB color space so it can display most colors in a digital photo taken in Adobe RGB mode. It also has an sRGB mode to accurately reproduce colors in this narrower but commonly used color space, ideal for web pages or digital photos taken in sRGB mode.Three Inputs Including DisplayPortDVI-D, DisplayPort, and Mini DisplayPort are included. DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort accept both video and audio signals simultaneously. Mini DisplayPort offers the further benefit of connection with Mac and Windows-based notebook computers.10-Bit Simultaneous DisplayThe monitor can display 10-bit color from a 16-bit look-up table via its DisplayPort input*. This is more than 1 billion colors shown simultaneously , 64 times greater than the 16.7 million colors of 8-bit display. The result is even smoother color gradations and reduced Delta-E between two adjacent colors.*A graphics board and software which support 10-bit output are also necessary for 10-bit display.Brightness and Color Uniformity with DUEFluctuations in brightness and chroma on different parts of the screen are a common trait of LCD monitors. In response, Eizo has developed and incorporated a digital uniformity equalizer (DUE), which ensures a Delta-E difference of 3 or less across the screen once the monitor leaves the factory.3D LUT Delivers an Improved Additive Color MixtureThe ColorEdge CG275W-BK utilizes an Eizo developed 3D LUT. Whereas a typical 1D LUT adjusts color on separate tables for each red, green, and blue, a 3D LUT accomplishes this on a single, mixed-color cubic table. The result is an  improved additive color mixture (combination of RGB), a key factor in its ability to display neutral gray tones.Factory Adjustment of GammaTo ensure the most accurate and consistent color gradations possible, Eizo carefully measures and sets every shade of R, G, and B from 0 – 255 on the production line with the monitor's 16-bit Look-Up Table, producing a monitor gamma value of 2.2.Different values can be user set through the ColorNavigator software, which can be used to set the gamma value from a range of 1.0 up to 2.6 in increments of 0.1.Verification Documents IncludedEizo stands behind the quality of the ColorEdge series by including two verification documents with each monitor. One document verifies the uniformity on 25 points across the screen while the other certifies that all 256 color tones on the gamma curve were individually adjusted at the factory.Brightness and Color Temperature StabilityTo ensure proper display of color, the ColorEdge CG275W-BK comes equipped with patented Eizo technology that stabilizes the monitor’s brightness level after startup or when coming out of power saving mode. A temperature sensor detects and automatically suppresses changes in color and brightness caused by fluctuations in the surrounding temperature.Ideal for Work on Moving ImagesAn overdrive circuit is included to reduce gray-to-gray response time to 5 ms and ensure that moving images look clean and sharp with an absolute minimum of blurring and ghosting.Shading Hood for Portrait and Landscape ModesThe ColorEdge CG275W-BK comes bundled with a unique shading hood that is designed for portrait mode as well the traditional landscape. Keep the glare off your screen no matter which mode you work in.Updated Cabinet and Stand DesignTheColorEdge CG275W-BK features an updated cabinet and the FlexStand 2. The cabinet design maintains the distinct look of Eizo monitors, but with a more smoothly rounded appearance. The FlexStand 2 complements the cabinet design while offering very versatile positioning with 152 mm ( approx 6 inch) height adjustment, 25° tilt, 344° swivel, and 90° rotation for portrait mode viewing.Presence Sensor for Power SavingsEizo EcoView Sense unites convenience with energy savings, ensuring that the monitor automatically conserves power when it is not in use. EcoView Sense is an integrated presence sensor that prompts the monitor to switch to power save mode when it detects your absence, and then resume normal operation when you return. EcoView Sense differentiates between your presence and a still object like an empty chair or general office activity in the background, preventing the screen from reactivating in error.Color Vision Deficiency SimulationTo avoid creating inconveniences and even dangers for those with color vision deficiency, care must be taken when choosing color schemes for everyday items such as maps, road signs, web sites, and power indicator lights. This monitor can instantly simulate how still and moving images appear to people with two types of red-green (protanopia and deuteranopia) and one type of blue-yellow (tritanopia) color vision deficiency.LED Buttons and On-Screen Button GuideIn order to customize to any work environment, the LED front buttons can be backlit to seven different brightness settings. An on-screen button guide appears above the buttons to indicate what each one is for.Commitment to Quality and Customer AssuranceEizo continues to manufacture its products the same way it has throughout its 40 year history, using its own staff at its own factories. This allows Eizo to keep close control over production quality and offer the industry’s only 5-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.
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