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Dynalite RP800 800 Watts Studio Power Supply

The versatile Dynalite RP800 Power Pack combines portability with long lasting power supply to offer enhanced performance.The operating voltage of the power pack is 120V AC and the maximum watts supplied is 800/secondThe Dynalite RP800 Power Pack is perfect for photographing events that demand uninterrupted power supply like weddings, corporate work, and fashion showsThis power pack comprises of three head outlets that help in dividing the output symmetrically or asymmetrically using shortened flash durations at a recycling speed of 1.2 secondsThe exposure levels are adjusted with a variator knob up to 2 stops in 2/10 incrementsThe Dynalite 800W/s Power Supply has triggering options like sync cord and optical slave  Few of the features available in the power pack include an All Channel Dimmer, Modeling Light Control, and Power Control SwitchThe All Channel Dimmer feature fine-tunes the power settings in 2/10 increments for all the heads at the same timeThis power pack has a flash test switch that signals when the flash is readyThe  Dynalite RP800 Power Pack is compatible with optional radio remote systems including PocketWizardThe modeling light can be switched on/off when required  using the rocker switchAn audible recycle indicator on/off switch is available for applications that require a sound indicatorThe Dynalite power pack comes with a power cable and a 16-inch diameter phono to PC sync cord
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