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Datacolor SpyderCube White Balance Tool

The Datacolor SpyderCube is perfect for all professional photographers and advanced amateurs who shoot pictures using their DSLRs. The camera is made intelligent when you use it along with this color calibration tool as it captures a huge array of exposure data and color. This tool is created from a hybrid resin called ABS Cycoloy, which is highly durable, shock/flame resistant, and fade-proof.The Datacolor SpyderCube enables you to capture the exact color without  much trial and error manipulationIt responds to all kinds of lighting conditions precisely as it is spectrally neutralThe black trap in this Spyder color management controls shadow detailThe RAW control settings can be checked and adjusted with the reference valuesThe color temperature value can be set to correct color pictures instantlyIt enables you to adjust highlight and shadow detail exactly in any RAW pictureThis color calibration tool is perfect for studios and location shooting, both indoors and outdoorsThe colors are through-pigmented for durable performance and are scientifically formulated to offer maximum color valuesThe Datacolor SpyderCube allows you to adjust color in a series of images and apply it to the rest of the image series
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