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Quantum FreeXwire FW8R Receiver

Connect to Qflash and other brands of portable and studio flash systems. Use to receive a wireless sync from a FreeXwire transmitter to fire camera or flash units.FW8R Features:Reliable digital wireless camera-to-flash communication- Eight independent frequency channels and four separate zones provide 256 possible control combinations.Long-Range radio-frequency communication - FreeXwire uses digital radio-frequency transmission for minimum interference and great distance. Remote control reaches up to1,000 ft (300 m), and more. (Learn more)You're in control! From your camera position, use the "master" Qflash to wirelessly control power and lighting ratios of remote Qflash. (Learn more)TTL control over the airwaves - Using an optional Quantum dedicated TTL adapter (available for Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Hasselblad, Mamiya, Contax), basic exposure is controlled by your camera's TTL flash exposure system. Then, using the controls on the master Qflash, remotely control the ratio (relative power) of remote Qflash units. (Learn more)Four zones - Set remote flashes or cameras to any one of four zones, then turn each zone on and off from the FreeXwire transmitter.Fire remote cameras- FreeXwire can be used to trigger a remote camera (including a companion remote flash). (Learn more)Studio or location versatility- In the studio or on location, use FreeXwire to trigger power packs, monolights or your camera manufacturer's flash, and avoid all those messy sync cables. Additionally, a Flash Sequencer function in the FW10W transceiver can sequentially trigger up to four remote power packs for action sports or fast fashion shoots, as fast as 13 frames per second.
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