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Quantum Qflash X5D-R for Lumedyne & Norman Systems

The Qflash X5D-R connects to a Qpaq-X, Lumedyne, or Norman 200/400 watt-second portable studio" systems. Qflash power exceeds that of typical shoe-mount and handle-mount flashes, which allows for greater distances, bigger shots, and much more bounce power. That, combined with its studio quality light give professionals just the portable lighting they need.FeaturesFast and Powerful - Up to 400 watt-seconds vs. approximately 50 watt-seconds for typical camera manufacturer's flash. Cover greater distances, illuminate bigger shots and have more bounce power. Recycles in 3.8 sec. at 400 watt-seconds using a Qpaq-X power pack.Durable and Reliable - Heavy-duty components permit hours of rapid firing using AC or DC power without fear of failure or temporary shutdown caused by flash overheating.Versatile Exposure - Adjustable Manual Mode: 19 power settings from full to 1/64th power, in 1/3step increments.Flexible Auto Mode on Flash - Proprietary sensor on the Qflash X5d-R provides automatic flash exposure control with any camera, even those without TTL metering. From .8ft. (.25m) to 113ft. (36m), get proper flash exposure with your choice of apertures in 1/3 steps, from f/1.4 to f/22 for ISO 100 in 25 precision settings.State-of-the-art TTL - Using Quantum's optional QTTL adapters, Qflash seamlessly integrates with TTL flash exposure systems on all popular cameras, providing the same flexible control found on the camera manufacturer's flash, but with more power, speed and superior duty cycle.Versatile Set-Ups - Head swivels 330 degrees and tilts 100 degrees for bounce wherever you like it, and locks into place with the push of a button.Multiple Qflash setups - with independent control of each flash - are possible, either wired or wireless. Using Qflash with Quantum's FreeXwire system you can have very flexible automatic wireless TTL - at up to 600 ft (152m) -for Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Hasselblad, Mamiya and Contax cameras.Exposure confirmation indicators- Blinking red lights on all four sides of the Qflash indicate OK, Under-Exposure, Over-Exposure, and Did-Not-Fire. There are also audible signals, which may be turned on/off, indicating the same four conditions. For noisy locations, an earphone is provided with the Qflash to hear the audible signals.Presets - The Qflash "Program Mode" gives you instant access to your most frequently-used settings. Pre-set any Mode (Auto, Auto Fill, Manual, TTL, Strobo) and any settings (f/#, ISO, power, etc.) into as many as 8 memory positions. Then, when you're on the job, a single button push jumps from one pre-set memory to the next one.Sensor Limit - Prevents "blow out", a shortcoming of flash auto exposure when the background is far away and the subject is close. Auto exposure tries to fill the background and winds up blowing out the foreground subject. Qflash has the solution, called "Sensor Limit". Setting the Sensor Limit distance to the approximate subject distance forces Qflash to ignore the distant background, giving accurate subject exposures. The feature is unique to Qflash, and is unavailable on any other camera or flash system.Light Modifiers- A full range of accessories is available to control the illumination to suit your needs: Bare-bulb, diffusers, colored filters, snoot, telephoto reflector, extension cable, softbox, even a remote head.
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