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Quantum Telephoto Reflector QF63

The Tele Reflector QF63 can be used with Qflash models T, X, T2, and X2. It provides a narrow, powerful light pattern and is ideal for use with telephoto lenses. The QF63 will illuminate about an 18 degree area. The equivalent lens focal lengths are approximately a 135mm lens for 35mm format, and a 250mm lens for 6x6 format. Higher focal lengths can also be used. The QF63 comes with a flashtube spacer which must be installed to achieve the tele light pattern. The light intensity will increase approximately 2 stops over the standard Qflash reflectors. Warning: Do not plug or unplug the flashtube or spacer unless you have completely disconnected the Qflash from its power pack! In manual mode, close the f/stop on the camera lens by approximately 2 f-numbers higher than shown on the Qflash display for normal (N) reflector position. (Flash meter readings are always recommended for critical exposures). For automatic operation you must use either a TTL adapter or the Remote Sensor QF21. This is because the QF63 reflector blocks the sensor on the Qflash. To mount the QF63: 1. Disconnect the power cord to the Qflash. Remove the standard reflector and the flashtube. 2. Plug the flashtube into the Spacer supplied with the QF63. 3. Plug the flashtube and spacer together into Qflash. There is a hole in the spacer to clear the modeling light of the QFX or X2. 4. Mount the QF63 reflector. If you are using a Remote Sensor QF21 for automatic exposure control, mount it with a clear view of the subject. See additional instructions that come with the QF21, or the appropriate TTL adapter. Note: If the QF63 is used without the spacer its pattern, and guide number, will be similar to the standard reflector.
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