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Calumet ZipBalance Small White Balance Reference Card

One 4.25 x 5.5" ZipBalance Card.When accurate color is imperative, Calumet ZipBalance Cards provide a spectrally neutral reference to precisely balance your images. This pack contains one small 4.25 x 5.5" card perfectly sized for your camera bag.ZipBalance Cards feature a matte surface that eliminates glare and reflections to ensure accurate data capture. The front side includes certified, spectrally-neutral white and gray references properly balanced for optimum color balance, along with a black point reference for brightness/contrast adjustments. The reverse side provides a neutral white reference for white balancing video cameras.The card is protected in a zippered vinyl storage pouch to withstand rigorous daily use. ZipBalance Cards are ideal for portrait, commercial, medical, and scientific use where color accuracy is critical.The Calumet ZipBalance Cards are perfect for eliminating color casts and balancing images when shooting digitally with any kind of lighting, anywhere!Tips for Using Calumet's ZipBalance CardZipBalance cards can achieve precise custom white balance both in-camera refer to your camera's manual) or in post-processing RAW and JPEG files. The best way to ensure that your images are properly white balanced is to photograph the ZipBalance card as a reference for each lighting situation.A ZipBalance reference shot can be captured before, during, or after a series of images in a session. We also recommend that you set your camera's white balance to closely match the current lighting conditions, rather than using auto white balance.Shooting InsideIf your lighting source is in a controlled studio environment, simply have your subject hold the card near their face and take a reference shot anytime during the session. Or place the ZipBalance Card next to your subject in tabletop still life or product photography. As long as the light source does not change, you'll only need one reference image.When shooting with mixed lighting sources such as fluorescent, tungsten, or daylight, use the same process as above. Further image adjustments may be necessary, but the ZipBalance reference shot can be used as a neutral guide in the editing process.Photographing OutdoorsIf you are photographing outside, place the ZipBalance Card on the ground or at arms length for a ZipBalance reference shot. If the lighting conditions have not changed drastically, there is no need for intermittent reference shots. However, if your subject moves to another area of light or your camera is positioned at a different angle, capture another reference shot for the most accurate reading.VideographyWhen using the backside of the card to white balance video cameras, simply insert the card into the scene, making sure the exposure is correct. Zoom in and focus the camera lens until the card fills the entire frame, and activate the "White Balance" on your camera setting and your white balance is set. Your camera should confirm that the white balance was performed.PostproductionBy using conversion software such as Adobe Photoshop Lightroom® and Adobe® Photoshop® (Adobe Camera RAW), you can accurately and automatically adjust the RAW images that were captured in the same lighting conditions by referencing the perfect middle gray from the ZipBalance Card.When using a RAW converter program, open your ZipBalance reference shot, select the "white balance" tool, and click the eye dropper over the gray section of the ZipBalance card. Once your image is perfectly color balanced, you can save the settings and apply to all of the similarly lit images in that session.If using JPEG files, adjust the images in Photoshop within the "curves" or "levels" dialog using the middle gray eyedropper. Batch-process your images captured in the same lighting conditions to achieve uniform color without any casts or noise.
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