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Calumet Genesis 400 Soft Box Kit

Download Instructions »This 400ws flash kit features the Genesis 400, which has a Guide Number of 160 (ISO 100 @ 10') and offers flash-output of a 5-stop range and weighs just 4.5 lbs. The kit also includes a Calumet 10' light stand, a Calumet 24 x 32" Nova soft box, a Calumet Universal speed ring and a Genesis speed ring insert.There is no better way to enter the world of high-quality, professional lighting than with Calumet’s Genesis monolights, and this exciting kit give you everything you need to get started lighting right. The Genesis 200ws monolight provides you with all the power and lighting control that you need to create beautiful portraits and great still-life tabletop photographs.It offers recycling times as low as one second and their 5-volt sync voltage is even safe for today’s digital cameras. Flash operation has never been easier. The convenient rear control panel of each Genesis puts its full range of flash controls at your finger tips. Each model features digital, variable flash output controls that allow you to adjust power levels over a 5-stop range. You can switch from full to proportional modeling with the press of a button. A built-in infrared slave cell provides wireless flash synchronization and it is adjustable to increase or decrease sensitivity, depending upon the environment you are working in. An audible flash-ready alarm lets you know when your Genesis is fully charged and ready to go.Angle of Coverage of standard 8.25” reflector – 65 degrees.(Compatible with Elinchrom Speedrings.)Features:Variable flash powerBuilt-in adjustable photo cell sensorHigh quality user-changeable flash tubesEasy-to-use digital controls5 volt sync suitable for digital camerasProportional modeling lampsEasy-lock reflector mountCharge indication lamp/soundAngle of Coverage of standard 8.25” reflector – 65 degrees.1-year limited warrantyNote About Genesis Modeling Light Operation:The Genesis monolight has three user-defined modeling lamp modes: User-defined (Full), Proportional, and Off.To change modeling lamp output in the user-defined (Full) mode, press the modeling lamp selector button until the top light is green. (The top position is marked as “Full”). If the light is already on, cycle through the settings until you get back to the Full setting. When the light first comes on, the power setting will be flashing on the digital readout. While the display is still flashing, change the unit power setting with the up and down buttons. This will allow you to change the modeling lamp output between minimum (display will read 10) to full (display will read 60) but will not affect the flash tube setting. Once you release the power selector button, the display will revert to your current flash tube setting.In the proportional setting, the modeling lamp output changes relative to the power set for the flashtube. As you adjust the flash tube power, the modeling lamp power will automatically increase or decrease in proportion to flash tube power.
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Better than Alien Bees and Elinchrom
PostedJanuary 3, 2011
from Davie, FL
Age: 35-44
Gender: male
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User submitted photo
The Calumet Genesis 400 Softbox Kit arrived at my door and I was excited. Unfortunately you missed the extremely low price they had, but that should not stop you.
I had AB800 (x2) and loved them, but sold them due to hard times... and when I started to look at where my company should invest in I choose the Calumet Genesis line...
You can find some pictures on my flickr page at AHPZuazua. Only having them for a few days I can tell you this:
The packaging is great. All items come in there own boxes.... WARNING ---- make sure you empty the box and all the popcorn... I almost throw out the Speed ring and adapter to my soft box kit.
The Monolight feels solid build, unlike the plastic feel you get from AB series. It has a very nice finish. The buttons on the unit do not feel cheap, so I dont think it will fail. I like the carrying handle on the unit it helps me reposition the lights. This is a welcome feature.
The Audible alarm is another feature that is welcomed, although I can see if you have multiple lights on different power settings, you will have beeps at different times, glad you can disable this feature.
The unit has an Auto Dump, what this means is that if you are lowering the power once you release the button it will discharge itself. Dont look at the light... with the AB you had to press the dump button.
It has a fan underneath that pulls air into the unit and vents it through the front of the head. I noticed and heard the fan kick in after a few test shots including 2 or 3 Full (400ws, 6.0, Blow this thing Nuclear) Power shots. Didnt bother me, but I realize it had a fan because of this.
The Monolight comes with a 150w modeling lamp and a long hard plastic cap. Another side point, the Elinchrom D-Lite 400 it only comes with 100w. 150w is still not good enough and 250w is your goal. This should be a standard, and for the price of this Kit, you only get the Elinchrom Monolight, thats it, the reflector is extra...
The Calumet Light Stand the came with the Kit is also Sold build, not like the stand from AB that I had. It is 10ft. This is not Air Cushioned and it is not spring loaded, so watch out, but for me its still a very sturdy lightstand.
The Nova Softbox.... WOW. The material feels durable, it comes with Metal rods (not plastic), my gripe is the Velcro. I dont like it, its a pain for me to get it even all the way around, but that has to do with experience.
The Softbox has and inner diffusion panel which is great and after placing the font velcro panel, it give the look and properties of a recessed front panel. The softbox also allows for a seal around the Flash head to prevent light spill.. I never seen this done before, maybe because I owned a PBL (eBay) Softbox, but I was really impressed.
There are a few Monolights for around the same price, but in the end, my business is whats important. I chose the Calumet Genesis line...
Pros: Simple Controls/Menu, Consistent Output, professional look and feel, carrying handle, photo cell sensitivity adjustments, 400ws, easy-lock, 5 f-stops
Cons: fan noise, 150w modeling lamp
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