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Calumet Black & White Film Photography - 3 Digitally Remastered Fred Picker Videos on 1 DVD

Watch Movie Trailer&raquoThis instructional video on traditional black-and-white photography is dedicated to the memory of Fred Picker, an innovative photographer, author and teacher. It is a compilation of three timeless videos Picker produced from 1989-1992. Photographing, The Negative: Exposure & Development, and Printing.Photographing • Although "How to" photographic literature is long on description of the mechanical aspects of the photographic process, there is little information regarding the procedures that experienced works follow when in the field. When you go "crusin' fer snaps" with Fred Picker, you will be along on a typical day’s outing, seeing how his pictures are conceived and made. As Picker says, "The real problems are not mechanical or technical. The problem is making pictures worth looking at."The Negative • Nailing down and organizing your exposures, developing the and Proper Proof technique will dramatically improve the appearance or your prints. But there is a more profound benefit: just as a musician who is fully confident of his technical ability to handle a piece is free to concentrate on his interpretation of it, your newly won technical ability will surely strengthen the emotional quality of your work.Printing • You don’t need extensive experience or an elaborate darkroom in order to produce outstanding prints of your finest photographs. You do need an understanding of print exposure, development procedures, paper grades, local manipulation and simplified record keeping in order to precisely control each step. Master printer Fred Picker demonstrates his original techniques. By following his clear instructions, you will immediately produce black-and-white prints of outstanding quality.About Picker:The late FRED PICKER was one of the last great black-and-white artists, a protégé of Ansel Adams. As founder of Zone VI Studios, he developed top quality field cameras and other equipment including innovative darkroom equipment. He taught the highly successful Zone VI Workshop and authored a book by the same name that has become recognized as the gold standard of photographic instruction. He also published quarterly newsletters on fine photography and printing for 20 years that are still in demand today.
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