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Calumet Calumet Soft-Lite Reflector/Diffuser Package

This package includes the Calumet 15" (38cm) Soft-Lite Reflector and the Front Diffuser/Grid. The brushed-metallic surface, parabolic reflector features an attached silver diffusing cone in the center, which bounces light from the source into the reflector to produce a soft, uniform light for portraits or products. The unique Front Diffuser/Grid combines two types of direct light modifiers: a diffuser with a 1/8" (3mm) 30° grid. The net result when mounted onto the front of the Soft-Lite Reflector (after first removing the diffuser cone) is a central pool of bright light surrounded by a large area of softer light, ideal for enhancing portraits or products. The grid can be removed, for greater contrast, and replaced with other 7" (17.8cm) grids.Calumet light control reflectors feature bayonet-type mounts for quick, positive mounting and removal on Calumet's Series-2 and Traveller Flash Heads. These innovative accessories offer studio and location photographers alike a comprehensive system of tools to handle any lighting situation they are likely to encounter.
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