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Calumet Deluxe Hi-Glide Kit

How many times have you or your client tripped over cords or light stands in your camera room? Let us help you get those lights up off the floor and into the air! With this incredibly convenient rail system, you'll spend less time moving lights and more time making images.A Calumet Rail System is easy to install, and will give you the pleasures of unlimited lighting placement capabilities as well as fluid movement and maximum camera room operating efficiency. Contrary to popular belief, a rail system is not a cost-prohibitive pipe dream. When you consider the tremendous time-saving advantages, as well as superior flexibility over traditional light stands, it is worth every penny. This versatile light support system can be used with any 5/8"-mount flash heads, monolights or tungsten units with or without soft boxes, umbrellas or reflectors. Whether you're setting up a new shot or making minor adjustments, a rail system allows for rapid height adjustments and effortless directional control. Plus, with everything up and off the set, it's easier to change backdrops between shots without moving lights. Please note: The ceiling in your camera room needs to be between 10' and 14' (3 and 4.3m) for the rail system to work at its best. 2 - 10' (3m) Rails 2 - 15' (4.5m) Rails 4 - Double Carriages 3 - Single Carriages 3 - Lite Lift Kits 10 - Short Fixing Kits 3 - Safety Cables 3 - Cable transfer runners
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