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Cambo 45 Repro D View/Field Camera

The Cambo 45 Repro D Camera is a modified version of the Cambo 4x5 camera.  This camera system allows you to achieve excellent results with reproduction and archival photography.This camera system comes with a monorail of 42cmThe rear and the front standards of this monorail do not have any tilt or swing options to offer accuracy in parallel positioning of the standardsIf you request for an extra ease of positioning, these standards can be fixed with lateral shift optionThe fixed and sturdy outlined positioning of this camera is enabled by the two individual monorail clampsThe Cambo 45 Repro D Camera is ideal to be used with large format digital backsA faster workflow is enabled with the help of optional electronic shutters from Schneider and mechanical shutters from CopalFor enhanced stability, this camera system comes with two mounting blocksIf you wish to use this camera with CCD digital backs, Cambo recommends that you use the DPB-45 with one of the SLW-series adapters
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