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Cambo CMSLB-69 Multi-Step Sliding Back

The CMSLB-69 is a sliding ground glass back that can be used with the ULTIMA 23 and enables stitching with digital backs based on various CCD sizes.This stitching back for ULTIMA 23 comes in different medium format interface plates of the SLW series for the Leaf Afi/ Sinar HY6, Mamiya, Hasselblad, and Contax mountsA format mask is available for the CCD size as an optional choiceThe ground glass stitching back for ULTIMA 23 can be printed in landscape and portrait position with various CCD sizesThis multistep sliding back also features Fresnel lensThis sliding back features an interchangeable insert that defines the travel distance between the stitching pointsThis interchangeable insert is available for a particular CCD sizeThe inserts of ground glass sliding back are listed as SLI-70 to SLI-73(sold separately)The stitching back for ULTIMA 23 also features optional Reflex viewer SLV-945 and Direct Viewer SLV–616
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