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Cambo X2-Pro View Camera Kit for Fujifilm S3 Pro Camera

View Product Video »Perfect for product and architectural photographers alike, Cambo's innovative X2-PRO provides perspective- and image-control movements for your digital SLR camera. Simply mount your camera body and a lens to the X2-PRO and you'll immediately benefit from its ultra-fine, front-standard lateral and vertical shifts, swings and tilts.Cambo's patented CROSSGEARING drives offer precision, liquid-smooth fine-focusing and lens-plane movements that will allow you to control perspective and image placement on anything from interiors and exteriors of buildings to table-top product shots in the studio.The X2-PRO system is compatible with today's finest digita SLR cameras such as Canon's 1Ds series, 5D, 20D, 30D; Nikon's D2x and D200 bodies; Fujifilm's S3 body and Mamiya's ZD body. Cambo's dedicated camera-mounting system places each model digital SLR in the exact optical center of the camera's sensor for on-axis movements and features a quick-release for switching from landscape to portrait format without removing the bellows.Accepting a wide range of lenses from 28 to 150mm, the Cambo X2-PRO lets the photographer choose from their existing Schneider, Rodenstock, Hasselblad and Mamiya lenses, or take advantage of the latest digital lenses from Schneider or Rodenstock. There is also a choice of flat and recessed lensboards, depending upon which lens focal length you are using.While the era of digital imaging has changed the way many people think about photography, there is still a demand for high-quality product and architectural photography with perspective corrections, and the X2-PRO is the newest solution.
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