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B+W Filters Series 8 Linear Polarizer Filter

The B+W Series 8 Kaesemann Linear Polarizer Filter is a special filter that is used in many cameras for restricting the entry of some light rays to pass through the lens of the camera. This filter is unique among many polarizing filters in construction. The components such as optical glasses and polarizer foils used in constructing this multi-coated glass filter are chosen carefully. The edges of the B+W MRC Filter are sealed completely in order to prevent the filter from getting damaged in extreme climatic conditions.The filter factor of the B+W Series 8 Kaesemann Linear Polarizer Filter ranges between 2.3 and 2.8The B+W MRC Filter can be rotated for altering the lighting effectsThis multi-coated glass filter saturates the color of the photograph without disturbing the color balanceBuilt with special Schott GlassIt is highly compatible with high-speed telephoto lenses and apochromatic lenses
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