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B+W Filters Series 7 KR3 81C Color Conversion filter

The B+W Series 7 KR3 (81C) filter helps add warmth to your photographs by reducing the bluish cast formed due to open shade.Constructed using Schott glass to stay in par with industry standards, this filter helps you get pictures with high clarityWith double the strength of KR 1.5, this filter helps in reducing blue and green, clearing the haze, and blocking UV raysThis color conversion filter allows you to reduce the color temperature from 3600-3200 KelvinThe 81C grade filter can also be used with an electronic flash to block the blue produced by the light itselfBased on the warmth you require for the image, you can choose filters from the 81C series that include 81A, B, C, D, and EFThe B+W Series 7 KR3 (81C) comes with a rugged aluminum filter ring to keep the filter from getting jammed with the lensAs it has a +1/3 factor, it allows ¾ of the light to be transmitted through it
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