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B+W Filters Bay 50 Neutral Density Filter 101

The B+W Bay 50 Neutral Density Filter is exclusively designed to be used with lenses having the Hasselblad series 50 filter size. This neutral density filter helps in reducing the amount of light that enters the film. It regulates the light that enters the film by one f-stop (0.3)If the subject is too bright to be used with fast shutter speed and small aperture, then you can use this filter to produce perfect exposure of high speed filmThis filter is multicoated to reduce reflection, and thereby eliminating flare and ghostingThis multi-coated filter helps in shooting moving objects by allowing you to use slow shutter speed with high speed filmIt also allows you to use wide apertures and decrease field depth to detach the subjects from its backgroundThis filter helps in producing clear images even in bright lighting conditions as it decreases the ISO of high speed filmYou can also shoot bright subjects without over exposure with cine and video cameras having fixed shutter speeds
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