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Bowens Streamlite 330 Cocoon Kit

Download the Streamlite Manual »The Streamlite 330 Kit is the perfect portable table-top studio - ideal for product shots, still life and portraits.The Streamlite 330 Kit contains two Streamlite 330 lights, each fitted with three low-energy, daylight balanced fluorescent lamps. These highly efficient lamps make each Streamlite 330 as bright as a 330W tungsten lamp. Streamlites run at low temperatures an so are safe to use even when shooting subjects that are easily affected by heat such as food, flowers and people. The lights are supported by two portable, foldaway, three section stands.If you want to shoot perfect still life pictures then nothing is simpler or more effective than the Bowens Cocoon. This semi-rigid light tent will give perfect soft, reflection-free lighting for every subject. The Cocoon is made from four translucent diffuser panels that simply zip together.The Cocoon features three shooting holes so subjects can be shot from many different positions, enabling you to remove unsightly highlights and distracting reflections. Supporting the Cocoon is a portable, foldaway stand for quick setups perfect for small studios where space it at a premium.
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