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Beseler 23CIII-XL Condenser Enlarger

The perfect introductory enlarger. Features Beseler's "cone-of-light" dial-in control for optimum illumination with all formats. A filter drawer above the condensers accomodates 5 1/2 x 5 1/2" variable-contrast or color printing filters. Elevation control is via rack-and-pinion drive with lock. An extra-long frame permits prints larger than 16x20" from 35mm format on the baseboard. The projection assembly can be tilted 90° for wall (mural) projection. Tilting lens stage permits distortion correction as well as creative effects. Below the lens filter holder accomodates variable-contrast filters and special-effects filters. The sturdy 16x25 1/2" white laminated baseboard provides ample workspace. Rigid, rugged twin column construction for twice the support Quality, die-cast construction Factor pre-aligned, eliminating time consuming alignment procedures Positive rack-and-pinion elevation control with lock Left and right focusing controls Swing-out filter holder accepts special effects, variable-contrast or red safety filter (included) UL Listed *Requires lens, lensboard and film carrier. Replacement lamp: PH140
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