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Broncolor 3200ws Ringflash C

Designed for camera use, the Broncolor Ringflash C is suitable for flash series with large power output as well as for flashing with small power output, due to the high strength quartz flash tube and the high-power cooling system. The holder allows the Ringflash C to swivel. With the adjustable camera holder, the Ringflash C is suitable for almost every camera.The asymmetrical adjustability makes it possible to swivel the Ringflash to a specific angle in the optical axis. A honeycomb set (3 pieces) is available for the Ringflash C. These honeycomb grids allow, in combination with the adjustable light angle, to control the light distribution in a way that was not previously possible. It is possible to work with gradations of brightness without renouncing the typical "Ringflash" light.The light of the Ringflash reaches each spot (even hidden ones) of a subject or a group. The lamp is therefore an optimal fill in light. Its hardness makes it possible to accentuate even shadow areas on the subject's structure.The Ringflash C can be connected worldwide to all power voltages, if it is equipped with the corresponding modeling lamp. With the adjustable camera holder the Ringflash C is suitable for almost every camera. The depth as well as the inside diameter of the Ringflash permit the use of camera lenses up to approx. 90° of the image angle (with small-format cameras this corresponds to a focal distance of approx. 20 mm). To assure the compatibility with professional camera stands, the Ringflash C holder is equipped with one 1/4" and one 3/8" thread.Ringflash C can be used in areas of fashion, still life, food and macro photography. The special lamp creates half-shadow contours. Depending on the illumination distance these contours are dark and broad (at a short distance) or bright and narrow (at a long distance). The subject itself is largely free of shadow, illuminated with slightly dark contours. The Ringflash is not only suitable for perfect illumination in close-up photography, but in particular for fashion shootings, where it offers a large variety of possibilities for light control.Compatible with all broncolor power packs since 1972.
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