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Broncolor Senso Kit 41 Senso A4 Power Pack with One Litos Head and Softbox

Senso A Power Packs deliver genuine studio performance for the price of a compact system. Newcomers can expect total power for a modest investment. Seasoned professionals will appreciate the extra lighting capability that is fully compatible with the existing Broncolor product line. Dependable, lightweight, affordable - Senso power packs are designed for photographers who are often on the road.The power packs can be switched over from symmetric to asymmetric power distribution with a toggle switch. In the symmetric mode, the power pack's full energy can be routed to one lamp outlet. Generally, power output is selected with two toggle switches and illuminated silicone keys. The toggle switches disable the unneeded capacitors, which keeps the color temperature constant even at reduced energy levels and reduces flash durations. The silicone keys make it possible to precision-adjust the power output in 1/10 f-stop intervals. In symmetry, the three lamps are connected in parallel. In asymmetry, channel 1 is assigned to lamp outlet 1 while channel 2 routes power to outlets 2 and 3. The output selected for each channel can be displayed either in f-stops or joules (wattseconds) at any time.The Litos lamp was developed to match the Senso power packs: it is remarkably compact, weighs very little, is multifunctional, and has an excellent price/performance ratio. The protecting glass can be quickly replaced with an umbrella or standard reflector to suit the shoot. Litos features a pan/tilt head for one-hand operation and an integrated umbrella holder. The intelligent cooling system only switches on when the service temperature of the power pack reaches a threshold level. The bayonet mount is compatible with other Broncolor lamps and gives the user access to a comprehensive range of lamps, light shapers, and accessories. The lamp is equipped with a release button that allows quick reflector changes and 360° rotation. Thanks to its innovative design, the Litos lamp stows away compactly for transport and storage.
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