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Broncolor Senso Kit 22, 1 Senso A2 Power Pack with 2 Litos lamp

The Broncolor power pack offers enhanced performance for heavy use. The Broncolor power pack features a solid design, long life capacitors, and durable components in order to ensure trouble-free long-life operation. The Broncolor Senso A2 kit includes Litos Flash Head, modeling light, flashtube, and reflector.The Broncolor Senso kit includes Digital Readout in 1/10 stops, Built-in radio receiver, Flex 28 X 28" soft box, Litos Flash Head, 100–240VAC power packThe Broncolor power pack features  a flash head that offers negligible color shift with short flash durationThe recycling time of the Litos Flash Head featured in the Broncolor Senso A2 kit is as less as 0.4 secondsIt is possible to trigger the Broncolor power pack with a cable and photo cellYou can remote control the kit from the camera and from the computer with the help of built-in RF receiver up to a distance of 200mThe Broncolor lighting kit offers a high control range of subtle light controlThe comprehensive light shapers featured in the Broncolor power pack offers unhindered freedom for portrait photographyThe Broncolor Senso kit features protective rubber panels for improved protectionThe ergonomic control panel features rocker control and push buttonThe kit has 3  lamp outlets with a maximum output of 1200 W/SAll the components in the kit are made from high-quality materials to last for a long time
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