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Broncolor Senso Kit 21, 1 Senso A2 Power Pack with 1 Litos lamp

The Broncholor Senso Kit 21 is an essential power pack that incorporates many components that are required for photography. The design of this kit is lucrative that it includes corners protected by rubber. In order to activate the Broncolor Senso A2, a photocell and cable are needed. For activating the Broncolor Senso Kit, there is no need to have physical contact with the power pack. The built-in RF receiver enables the pack to be operated from a distance of 200 meters.The Litos Flash head provided in the Broncolor Senso A2 Kit consists of a powerful 300W lampThe studio flash system has some important components such as lamp outlets which are three in numberThe maximum light output varies from 13W/s to 1,200W/sThe power distribution from the Broncolor Power Pack,is toggled from symmetric to asymmetric power distribution with a switchThe Broncolor Senso A2 has a quick recycling time ranging from 0.4 to 2.8 secondsThe control range of the Broncolor Senso extends over up to 6.5 f-stops in full and 1/10 f-stops The Litos helps in carrying the heat away from the kit, which is facilitated by inclusion of the cooling systemThis Broncolor Power Pack is provided with a case that can be carried with the help of a strap and other studio lighting accessory tools for improving the quality of photographs
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