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Anton Bauer EgripZ Handheld Camera Support

While smaller than their shoulder mounted cousins, today's handheld cameras often pack so many controls and so little grip area that the very camera movements they were intended to make possible are restricted by the operator's inability to literally find a place to hold the camera. With the introduction of professional high definition cameras in handheld format, "handheld" cameras may weigh as much as 6 lbs which is not an easy weight to manage all day with only one hand. The new EgripZ handheld camera support is like having an extra hand to manage the camera. Weighing just 12.2 oz (346 grams) Egripz mounts easily to the camera's 1/4-20 tripod mounting. EgripZ can flex into virtually any position around the camera adapting to any shooting configuration without getting in the way of normal camera operation. EgripZ fully flexible core can be shaped around the camera to fit the shot and EgripZ handles are formed from a flexible polymer to make the camera easier to hold securely and comfortably - on the hottest day or in the trickiest of positions. One-hand operation is more comfortable with EgripZ as a forearm support preventing the camera from "rolling" on the operator's wrist. Low shots are much easier and steadier with two hands to stabilize the camera. High perspectives are more achievable with two-handed control. EgripZ also features 1/4-20 mounting on its base, so it can attach easily to a monopod or other support for additional stability.
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