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Anton Bauer QR-DVC10 Adaptor for Panasonic

The QR-DVC10 camera mounted adapter is compatible with the Panasonic AG-DVC10 and AG-DVC15 and AG-DVC7/60 Mini DV camera/recorder.The 7/14 Gold Mount is designed to power 6-volt industrial type cameras from standard Anton/Bauer Logic Series batteries instead of hard to get or potentially troublesome consumer types. Employing a highly efficient DC-to-DC converter, the 7/14 adaptor automatically converts the high voltage of batteries such as the HyTRON 50 to 7.2 volts, providing more reliability and longer run times. Operating a 10 watt DVCAM using the 7/14 mount, HyTRON 50 will run for over 5 hours.At the same time, the full 14.4 voltage of the battery is applied to the PowerTap connector, allowing for simultaneous powering of an ultralight or any nominal 12 volt equipment with the camera. Depending on the camera model, the 7/14 adapter will mount either directly to the camera with no modification or can be worn in the supplied cordurapouch.
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